We, Yuval and Yehuda, are “Two Flying Boys”. We have a regular and very popular tourism column on Mako, Israel’s leading news platform (part of the nation’s most popular media group-Keshet (and their content appears on Keshet’s digital platforms).


Our column is published on weekends (when the traffic is highest) and appears on the site's homepage, generating maximum exposure. We consistently rank 1st and 2nd on the popular articles list and stay on the tourism most-read list for a week.


In addition, we write a successful luxury travel blog named Two Flying Boys. The blog has a dedicated website and Instagram profile with 25.4K followers. This ensures high exposure and engagement rates. We also publish hotel, restaurant and other reviews for El-Al Airlines passengers on the airline's various platforms.


The Blog's target audience is people who choose the more luxurious options while traveling for business/vacation.

Examples of our media activity in recent weeks
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Our Recommendation for EL AL Airlines
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